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How do you sum up Hollywood Glam?  With jewel colours, textures, reflective surfaces and mirrors, luxe fabrics, curvaceous furniture, contrasting colours and above all a touch of the exotic – with a dash of drama.  It all sounds a bit much doesn’t it, but true Hollywood glamour achieves its look by paring everything down – too much and it becomes eclectic.  And why does it work?  It works because of the simplicity of the pieces juxtaposed with the richness of the colours, textures and fabrics.  It exudes elegance, charisma and opulence to brighten up our everyday lives and cocoon us in a rich avant-garde bubble.  Now, don’t we all want some of that in todays troubled world?

To achieve the look without veering into the pastiche, which brings on nervous laughter in your visitors (or partner), there are a few key points to remember which I will get to, but the main thing to remember is it’s your home, your style, so stop worrying about what anyone else thinks.  That’s certainly our motto at Audenza as we three have varying styles and tastes!

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Boy, have we got something rather exciting in store for you today! We have teamed up with Best Loved Hotels to give one of you lucky readers a chance to win not only a 2-night weekend getaway but also a £250 voucher to spend with us! Yes, you read that correctly… a relaxing weekend break AND fabulous goodies to fill your home with!

The winner will have a choice of unique, independent hotels in great locations that have been carefully handpicked by Best Loved Hotels.

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We’ve got a guest post for you this week from our friends at Tiles Direct, who have a great selection of wall tiles for the bathroom and kitchen, along with a jazzy range of floor tiles.  They’re going to give you 5 kitchen colour scheme ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Hope you enjoy it!

With the excess of Christmas behind us and a new year in full swing, many of us will be looking for ways to kick 2018 into gear – and what better place to start than by sprucing up the heart of your home: the kitchen? Whether you’re a lover of neutral shades or looking for a burst of colour, in today’s post, we’re serving up style inspiration with some of this year’s hottest interior design trends when it comes to kitchen colour schemes.

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We do love a house tour at Audenza, well we all like a nosey around other people’s homes, don’t we?  Not only for ideas and inspiration but sometimes just to see how the other half lives!  For those of you looking to move over to the dark side this family home is a winner – glamorous, exciting and so sexy.   And even if you are not a fan of dark and moody there is always ideas to pick up from the styling and design, such as that amazing gold fireplace.  I am so in love with that gold fireplace!

The homeowner is Rachel Edmonds @raspberry_flavoured_windows, Hollie has known her through the online interiors world for a couple of years now.

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I’ve always loved wallpaper, whether it’s in fashion or out. How can it be out of fashion? That’s a strange concept to me as surely wallpaper brings warmth and a tactile quality to a room that paint just can’t do? Even a very plain wallpaper seems to give a room more depth and oomph, for want of a better word.

Calico Wallpaper (founded by Rachel and Nick Cope) specialise in custom fit, non-repeating murals that are seriously gorgeous, and seriously pricy. Not for the majority of use but something to drool over, and of course, high end products filter down and are recreated in more affordable designs. The initial collection was inspired by centuries old paper marbling techniques from Japan and Turkey. Unique handmade patterns have been digitally enlarged to create custom murals. Subsequent collections embody these traditions and techniques to give a truly remarkable living space.

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I’m so excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Audenza family, Jess.  Today, I’m sharing an interview with Jess where she tells us a little bit about herself (read on to find out about the ‘pea’ incident which resulted in A&E).  If you’ve called us in the last few months, or emailed in with an enquiry, it’s likely Jess that you’ll have spoken to.  With all of the many, many developments going on at Audenza HQ this year (hello re-brand!), Jess has been such an enormous help.  I can’t imagine how we ever coped without her!

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There is a fine balance between maximalist décor and clutter and this eclectic living room has got it spot on.

There is a fine balance between maximalist décor and clutter, very subjective of course, but if you are drawn to maximalist interiors how do you achieve an engaging, witty room with personality rather than a cluttered mess? There have been many studies into how clutter affects our mood and emotions and the way it can create stress in our homes and workplace, and be detrimental to our mental health. So, what’s the answer? Editing, storage and tidiness is the essence of it!

As a person who loves a home filled with memories, objects, colour, pattern and the more is more approach I do feel the need every now and again to edit it down when it becomes overwhelming. You know how it happens – you buy a new vase, a new lamp, or whatever, and instead of rearranging and moving some items out you pile it in, and before you know it there’s too much going on.

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We all want a luxurious bathroom, right?  Something a bit different, something a bit glam and something to luxuriate in – well it doesn’t come much more glam than a bathroom from Catchpole & Rye.  High end and glorious, which is not always the case with high end, sometimes it doesn’t look any different from your bog standard, maybe just better quality, but these beauties are the stuff of dreams.  I have spent a happy hour planning out my new bathrooms – in my dreams!

As an old and respected manufacturing company they also do bespoke work to give you that truly unique bathroom.  All the metal work comes in a range of 6 finishes which is very rare; silver nickel, chrome plate, brushed nickel, polished brass, aged brass and aged copper.  Quite often the style you want doesn’t come in the finish you want but Catchpole & Rye have got it all sussed.  You can even have a coat of arms, or emblem, embossed on your sanitary wear.  Fancy huh?

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Audenza were delighted to be asked to attend the launch of a new interiors events company last week in Leeds, and boy what a bash it was! No House Rules is the brainchild of two Instagrammers – Katie, known as Peach @comedowntothewoods  and Amy AKA Rocks @thisstyle_rocks , who share a passion for Interiors and wanted to create a business together organising events for interiors obsessives up north.

The event was held at the Peach Palace (Katie’s home) with a feast of delicious food provided by @forisoutsidecatering , ice cream to follow by @northernbloc and copious quantities of gin cocktails by @SlingsbySocial,  to wash it all down.  What more could you want?  Well, there was a fabulous raffle, with prizes from top interiors companies (ourselves included, of course).

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Interior styling I love doing, but interior design, well that’s a whole different ball game. Many years ago, I started a City & Guilds interior design course, and wow did I have a shock – all that talk of scale drawing finished me off and, needless to say, I gave it up and moved onto an Art Foundation course, with relief – no talk of rulers and maths! So, when I was offered an interior design workshop day with MartinMark Design, I was intrigued to find out how you cover such a vast subject in a day. With a great deal of fun, food and charisma, is the answer.

The day is run by Martin Holland (him off the telly who won series 2 of the Great Interior Design Challenge series on BBC2) and Mark Walters (a set designer for theatre and telly), and what a great pair of guys they are. So welcoming, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, with a great attitude to interior design; in that your style is yours and don’t worry about what everybody else thinks, which is my feelings exactly – nobody should be dictated to as to what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Nothing exciting or innovative would ever be achieved if we all stuck to the safe, and supposed, ‘good taste’.

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