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Quirky living room with dark blue walls, hot pink animal lamp and quirky wall decor like these fabulous gold beetles. All available from Audenza

I really don’t like beige. I have no qualms in saying that and it certainly wouldn’t take long hovering on our blog or shop to figure that out. You may have noticed that minimalism isn’t really our thing either. For me, minimalism is cold and actually, I find it a little depressing. But to some, they love the uncluttered, clean lines and sleek style.

But the thing is, I’m not even sorry to all those that love a bit of beige, because do you know what? It really doesn’t matter what I think, what your next door neighbour thinks or what, heaven forbid, your mother thinks. It’s YOUR home. Do whatever the hell you want with it, whatever makes YOU happy. I love colour, quirk, frivolity, and a bit of just plain old fashioned eccentricity. I have to have objects around me which evoke happy memories; sentimental items which have been passed down through generations, or even just a painting that reminds of a fabulous holiday. But that’s what makes ME smile – what makes YOU smile? And how do you find out what it is that makes you smile?

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Gorgeous green living room, filled with luscious house plants. Featuring our Gianna LED Neon Canvas Art | Image by @knackeredmavis

We wanted to share with you our fabulous customer photos and their stylish homes.  We do love to see how you style your purchases from Audenza, and to see the creativity that makes a home unique.

To celebrate the artistry and self expression of all you home lovers out there, we run an ongoing competition to style your fab new Audenza purchase in your home and share it with us on Instagram. Tag us @audenzahome and use #AUDENZA for your chance to win a £50 Audenza voucher and be shared on our feed.

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These peachy pink pampas grass stems look so striking grouped together in our turquoise beaded vase

I love house plants and their sense of bringing the outside in, and the way the greens soften a rooms vibe with their sense of lushness.  But oh dear keeping them alive is another matter!  The only place they survive and thrive is my kitchen where I can keep an eye on them.  Anywhere else and I forget to tend to their needs. This is where faux house plants and flowers come into their own, they don’t look at me sadly with their guilt inducing misery.  And with the ever increasing choice of faux greenery and flowers we are spoilt for choice, whether you want something small and dainty, or a big show stopper to bring drama to a room, it’s all there.

Here are my 5 tips for choosing faux house plants and flowers, for an ongoing fabulous display that brings joy, and banishes the guilt.

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Pink and green interior colour inspiration. We adore this Wisteria wallpaper by Woodchip and Magnolia

Oh so many beautiful colours to choose from, so many exciting colour combinations.  Which to choose, which combination do we desire?  Amelia moved house last year and this is her favourite activity –  drooling over interior colour palette combinations, so we thought we would bring you a selection of her favourite combo’s just to whet your appetite.

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Styling tips for your drinks trolley - Add plenty of plants, unusual glassware, decorative alcohol bottles and quirky beetle wall decor.

When is a drinks trolley not just a drinks trolley? When it’s so beautifully styled it is a thing of beauty to be admired, and not just a bearer of alcoholic drinks. We love our Gold Round Luxe Drinks Trolley for its simplicity, curvaceous shape and its dual purpose as a decorative shelving unit. But don’t just pile on the glasses and bottles so it looks like your local bar – be discerning and create a visual feast by adorning it with accessories that enhance the vignette. Be selective by only displaying the handsome bottles (I’ve recently bought a gold prosecco bottle, I can’t bear to drink the prosecco as the bottle is so gorgeous), your most striking glasses, and then add some pizzazz with other accessories. Here’s my thoughts on how to style a drinks trolley for a glam addition to your interior décor – not definitive, of course.

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Moody green living room decor. Large leopard floor lamp with mustard velvet armchair and faux fur leopard print throw

What makes a house a home that you want to spend time in and feel a sense of belonging to?  It’s not just the colour of the walls and somewhere to sit, it’s all about the personality of your home – a feeling of rightness and a sense of sanctuary that we all need in a busy world.  These 5 elements that every home should have encapsulate this feeling and will help you to make your home a haven for you and yours. Which is what we all want, right?

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I love, love, love, wallpaper!  I now have so many colourful wallpaper samples, as quite often they look fabulous online but the colour is wrong, or it isn’t quite what I was looking for.  Sometimes I’m not sure what I want to achieve with a scheme, or even the atmosphere I want to create.  But once I start trying out the samples in a room, I start to get a feel of how I want the room to look.  It can be a long journey through the swatches, but there are nuggets of gold out there waiting to be found.  For those of you on the search for gold, or maybe just enjoying the browse, we have brought you 10 colourful wallpapers you’ll fall in love with.

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Sophie Robinson is back on our screens with an exciting new interiors programme called Dream Home Makeovers. The gist of it is Sophie brings her passionate and experienced self to the homes of couples struggling to resolve interior decorating problems and helps them to realise their dream homes.  And all done without the need for major building works and keeping within a tight budget.  Sophie also discusses design trends and talks us through combining colour and pattern in her own exuberant way. The most exciting bit for us at Audenza is quite a few of our lovely products have been used in Sophie’s dream home makeovers.

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Our carefully selected gifts for the party animal are perfect for a family member or friend who just loves to entertain. From your cool and quirky prosecco popping party pal, to your timeless and glamourous bestie who loves to wine and dine you, we've got them all covered.  Let's face it, no serious party animal should be without a drinks trolley, so whether you're feeling flush or you're chipping in as a group gift, they're a sure-fire hostess-pleaser. 

Well, we can’t quite believe we’re only a week away from closing for Christmas – that crept up, didn’t it! Fear not though, there’s still plenty of time to order in time for delivery before the big day (see our last posting dates here) and this is part two of our Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fabulous & Fearless (you can view part one here: gift guide part one).

Quirky Gifts

Boring gifts have no place here and certainly no place under your tree! We know you love anything just a little bit out of the ordinary, so whether you’re adding it to your own wishlist, or buying for a loved one, here’s our round up of our favourite quirky gifts, which we know you’ll love.  Here’s to a fabulously eccentric Christmas!

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If you’re anything like us, you probably haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet.  But hopefully you’re a little more organised that us (!) and maybe there’s just a niggling gift for that really hard-to-buy-for friend.  Either way, we’re here to help! There’s still plenty of time to order in time for Christmas (see our last posting dates here) and this is part one of our Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fabulous & Fearless. 

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