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This 1 Thing will Instantly Improve any Vignette

This 1 thing that will instantly improve your vignette is a tray of some description – be it a metal tray, a glass tray (as in vintage glass dressing table tray) or a decorative tray – they will all add substance to your vignette and ground it to the space.

A tray will instantly improve any vignette, they add substance and ground it to the space.

A tray will instantly improve any vignette, they add substance and ground it to the space.

Pastel Lustre Occasional Table | Hammered Gold Tray | Aqua Glass Vase

This simple pastel vignette is pleasing in its own way but add a gold tray as a backdrop and it adds more drama and pizzazz, making the whole scheme more vibrant, and noticeable, of course. The vase is also placed on a pink tray which echoes the shape and colour of the table, and draws the eye into the display.

A tray will instantly improve any vignette, they add substance and ground it to the space.

Hammered Gold Tray | Mustard Bud Vases | Black Peacock Bookends

Another simple vignette that is pleasing, but add the gold tray and it instantly brightens the space. The gold of the tray picks up on the gold in the vignette and makes for a cohesive, and vibrant, display. Try using the tray in different ways – standing at the back to give a bright backdrop, or place the items together on the tray which immediately grounds the space and makes a focal point of the whole display.

Struggling to create the perfectly styled vignette? This 1 thing will instantly improve any vignette, giving you a cohesive and vibrant display.

Jewel Glass Vases | Aqua Glass Vase

I’m a big fan of trays and use them all around the house. It started with my collection of vintage glass dressing table trays.   I use one for displaying perfume bottles on my dressing table which makes a pretty vignette, and another sits by the kitchen sink for holding washing up liquid, hand wash and a scourer, where it keeps everything together and protects the surface. They are everywhere actually and get moved about as the mood takes me. At the moment, there is a collection of small bud vases, filled with early blossom and ivy, sitting on a copper tray on my black sideboard. The glow of the copper lifts the collection into something quite special. So trays really are the way forward if you want to turn your vignette into something special and create an unique decorative display.

Jacqui x

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Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui & Amelia Brooks



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