5 Fantasy Bathrooms to Drool Over

There is something about bathrooms whereby your imagination can run riot and you can delve into the realms of fantasy without worrying about getting tired of it quickly as, let’s face it, there is a limited amount of time one can spend in the bathroom. Unless you are a teenage girl, of course! So here are five fantasy bathrooms to drool over, and inspire you.

Adrianna Lopez Long Beach House
Photo by Granada TileSearch mediterranean patio design ideas

You wouldn’t even know this is a bathroom as you can hardly see any sanitary ware but oh my what lushness, fancy being be surrounded by a tropical jungle whilst the steam rises from the shower. And the fabulous turquoise tiles that enclose the space like a Moroccan hideaway.

275 Crawford Street
Photo by Our Town PlansBrowse world-inspired cloakroom ideas

Another tropical theme going on here, but much easier to look after since it’s in wallpaper rather than the real thing. Ever practical like I am! And that gold/brass wash basin is so luxurious and decadent, definitely on my wish list for the next bathroom revamp.

Photo by Godrich InteriorsSearch eclectic bathroom pictures

This has to be my favourite – I love the sheer size of the room to start with, and the size of that shower… wow! Not that I would relish the job of cleaning it! But still, if you were going to dream big then this bathroom has a lot going for it, from the striking dark blue walls and ceiling contrasting with the expanse of green tiling to the fabulously decadent chandelier. Who wouldn’t want a chandelier in their bathroom? I love a bit of the unexpected.

Guest bathroom
Photo by Holst Brothers General ContractorsDiscover coastal bathroom design inspiration

Elegant, classy and restrained and I love the way the floor tiling has been continued through the glass shower cabinet to give the room a feeling of space. The monochrome colour scheme simplifies and gives an abiding sense of peace and calm.

Copper Baths
Photo by Catchpole and Rye LtdLook for traditional bathroom pictures

French Château chic at its best, with a wonderful feeling of light and space and the gauzy curtain adds a touch of romanticism. Feminine, but with the copper bath to give an edge of solidity and grandeur which speaks of timeless elegance.

So, five bathrooms to inspire and motivate you, all very different but all with that certain something that lifts them out of the ordinary and makes a space feel unique. Which is your favourite and are there ideas there you can take to make your bathroom feel special? Are you a jungle kind of person or a lover of simplicity? I would love to know what you think.

Jacqui x

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