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DIY Gold Desk Dishes

As you know I do love a bit of spray painting (gold and black being the favourites at the moment) so I thought I would share with you this amazing bit of DIY from Amy at Homey Oh My! There are lots of ideas on Amy’s blog for transforming everyday objects with a lick of paint, as well as detailed instructions on the art of spray painting for those beginners amongst you.

Who wants a boring and uninteresting desk when you can have a glamorous and inspiring one! DIY from Home Oh My!

These little gold desk dishes are fab and tie in so well with our blog on covering lever arch files in marble effect sticky back plastic. Why have a boring, uninteresting desk when, for very little effort and money, you can have a glamorous and inspiring desk that actually gives pleasure, plus it’s so satisfying to have done it yourself. I love to transform something that is essentially a utilitarian object into a thing of beauty to be admired instead of hidden away.

Who wants a boring and uninteresting desk when you can have a glamorous and inspiring one! DIY from Home Oh My!

Do take a look at Amy’s blog and be inspired to have a go yourself. Amy makes it sound easy, and it actually is, as long as you follow her instructions. Before you know it your desk will be feeling the gold and marble love!

Jacqui x

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Images from Homey Oh My!



2 replies to “DIY Gold Desk Dishes”

  1. Brett says:

    Hi Hollie,

    These gold dishes and accessories are a sight to begold! Seriously though, very fashionable and a great addition to any office!

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