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Eclectic kitchen design with This Must Be The Place pink peon sign. We love the clashing leopard print bar stools and snakeskin wallpaper. Image @inside.number.twelve

Glen’s home epitomises finding your own interior style and truly embracing it! Dark, moody colour palettes are combined with glittering golds, patterned wallpaper, and splashes of neon pink, to create this absolute stunner of a home. But it was no mean feat, as he and his fiancé completed a full renovation on their Midlands house. They took it right back to the bare bones, before completely transforming it. Intrigued to see the end result? Why not take a look…

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Is your wish list filled and ready to go? Good, you’re going to need it with this one! You’ve got a choice of THREE offers, with a chance to nab a very rare 20% off.  Valid for this week(end) only, but as usual at this time of year, things can sell out – fast. Happy shopping! x

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Moody green living room with colourful and quirky home accessories. We've styled our Gold OMG Balloon Ornament with an array of quirky homewares, including ourGreek Key Mirror, Lumi the Snow Leopard and White Lovebirds Candle Holder

Today we want to highlight our fabulously quirky pieces, the WOW Balloon Ornament & Wall Décor and Gold OMG Balloon Ornament & Wall Décor. These balloon ornaments are great for adding an injection of colour and vivacity to your interior styling, and perfect for bringing a smile to your face. We all need a bit of fun in our homes and these pieces most certainly bring the fun! So, we’ve rounded up 6 looks for you to be inspired by, featuring some of our customer’s fab homes too.

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It’s ‘new season new look’ time of year again, but even without the added incentive of a new season it’s always nice to have a rethink and revamp of our interior room schemes.  Even if it’s just a case of looking and not doing, it’s always fun just to seek inspiration.  We’ve got 3 on trend interior room schemes for you here, with colour palette suggestions to get you thinking about your choices and the effect these colours have upon your décor.  Playful pastels, rich wanderlust, or soothing natural elements – what’s it to be?

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Your sofa creates the biggest impact in a room so we thought we would give you a few tips, with some dazzling images, on how to style your sofa.  Cushions are the spice of life and I can’t get enough of them, there is always one more I must have.  To the extent that I stash a few away and then have a change round now and then, which gives a new look to the room.  And, of course, you always need a throw or two about for cosy snuggling.  It has to be the easiest way to refresh your décor without too much outlay.

So how do you like your sofa?  Bright, colourful, with bold splashes of pattern, or tonal, elegant and serene?  We’ve got a few ideas here for you to see how it’s done, whatever your style.

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Pink Marilyn Monroe Neon Artwork styled with Golden Feather Wall Mirror, Gold Wall Beetles and Gold Balloon Dog Table

Want to add instant wow factor to your décor?  You can’t go wrong with neon artwork and neon lighting for bringing a sense of playfulness and energy to a space.  Lighting is crucial to a room but it can be hard to achieve, so neon artwork and neon box lights are the perfect way to bring in some more lighting at a different level.  They can change the look of a room instantly and make a focal point that has that pop of colour.

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Siobhan Murphy's pink and gold home bar, with hand painted gold foil wall mural by Bland Design

Daniel Bland is an artist who specialises in hand painted, gold foil murals. The results are absolutely breath taking! So, we were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Daniel to find out more about his career and inspiration behind his pieces.

Have you always been creative and can you tell us a bit about your journey to becoming an artist?

I always wanted to be an artist but my ‘sensible’ head always told me that is impossible to make into a paying career, so once I left school I went straight into retail and kept my artwork as a hobby. It wasn’t until I started my Instagram account @bland_design and posted photos of my home and decor that found my audience and it gave me the confidence to try and turn it into a business.

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Mustard yellow scalloped armchair styled with a glam, gold art deco style canvas and quirky home accessories

Velvet furniture is visually stunning (and one of our personal favourites), however it is a unique material, so we’ve put together some top tips on how to care for velvet furniture, to keep it looking its best for years to come.

Why does velvet require special care?

Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric, which can be made from several different types of fibres that are then woven on a specialist loom. The fabric creates a short dense pile, which gives the velvet its unique softness. However, due to its unique finish, it requires a little maintenance.

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Effortlessly cool, and a cult favourite, about sums up our Gold Rock On Hand Ornament.  Exclusive to Audenza, and a firm favourite with Instagrammers and press alike, our customers just love it.

And whatever your style, from minimalist to maximalist, monochrome, pretty in pink, colour saturation, elegant pastel and everything in between, our Gold Rock On Hand rocks it!  So much so that we have brought you our Gold Rock On Hand styled 20 ways, so you can see how our lovely customers make it rock for them.

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The new buzz in home interiors has got to be your very own home bar – complete with stylish glasses, glamorous bottles, a cocktail shaker and a quirky neon light to show the way.  If you are looking for some home bar ideas – or just want to ogle at what’s out there – we have brought you a fabulous selection.  From the smallest to the largest, you will be spoilt for ideas.

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