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There is a whole world of science out there about lighting your home, (a complicated and expensive one at that) but most of us just want atmospheric lighting for those dark evenings, and something that is decorative during the day. Lighting is not just about bringing light into your home on those dark evenings – it’s also a way to create atmosphere and drama, day or night. How to choose decorative lighting is certainly not rocket science but here are a few helpful pointers to bear in mind.

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How to use colour in your home - blues and greens are calming and nourishing colours, great for rooms you want to relax

Colour is what makes our homes personal, it’s a reflection of our personality and our emotions. That said, how do we find out what we like, what makes us feel connected to our homes, and what makes us happy? How to use colour in your home baffles many of us, but it is the starting point for any scheme to be successful. Now we are spending so much time at home it feels essential to get this right, so we can enjoy our home and feel comforted and enlivened by our interior spaces.

We’ve brought together 8 tips from our blog features on inspiring homes and hopefully, it will inspire you on how to use colour in your home to create a beautiful and cohesive scheme to be proud of.

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Console tables are a delight to style – so many possibilities, whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist give free rein to your inner artist, and wow with a curated collection of your favourite pieces.  We have a lot of fun arranging and rearranging displays for our Audenza console table shoots.  Always over the top, of course, for we do love a dramatic and colourful display, but you don’t have to be quite so dramatic in your own display’s if you prefer a calmer look.  By following a few simple guidelines anybody can create a pleasing and vibrant console table.  We have brought together some of our pics with a few ideas, to show you how to style a  console table like a pro.

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Gold ceiling medallion stencil in blush pink bedroom with gold accessories

I love my house, a Victorian terrace, but quite a lot of the original features are missing.  Although who is to say what was here originally as it’s only a small two up two down, so maybe it wasn’t built with some of the elements of Victorian interior decoration I would have liked.

If you have followed my previous post’s on my home renovation you will know that it’s all being done on a bit of a budget.  Another year here and then I think we will be moving on to something bigger for a long-term project, so how to inject some grandeur without spending too much is the question.  Thinking outside the box, a stencil seemed the perfect answer for the missing bedroom ceiling rose.

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My tropical bathroom paradise is finished. Finally! It’s been a long job due to Covid lockdown, but it has come together at last, and we can now finally enjoy it. Seeing as it’s been the longest bathroom makeover ever I won’t keep you waiting any longer – the first pic is my finished tropical bathroom paradise.  And I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

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Welcome to the glorious world of neon acrylic box lights.  Gaining in popularity and originating from commercial premises before finally entering our homes, they aim to surprise and delight. Fun, quirky and often surprising, they bring a sense of the unorthodox into our homes.  From wording to imagery, you can’t beat a neon acrylic light for bringing the playfulness into your décor.

We all need some fun, and possibly some shock tactics in our styling, for that extra bit of uniqueness, and there’s no quicker way than lighting up your room in neon glowing colour.  And we love the awesome pink glow from our Lips Neon Acrylic Box Light.  We also love to see what our customers do with our products, and how they style them, so we’ve brought you our Lips Neon Acrylic Box Light styled 9 ways –  7 from our fabulous customer photos and 2 of our own.

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Pink and teal eclectic living room with geometric wallpaper and velvet furniture

If you love pink and teal, splashes of bright colour and lashings of gold, then you’re going to love this house. A fabulously daring home that effortlessly mixes colour and pattern. Cara lives in Wolverhampton with her husband Andy, who is a builder. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have a builder in the family! A willing builder of course, then all your dreams could come true – well house dreams anyway.

Cara and Andy have transformed this tired 1930’s house into a warm, welcoming home, and it’s all documented on Cara’s blog Caradise, and there are some great ideas on there to give you inspiration. It’s always interesting to see the before and after’s of a home renovation. The possibilities are endless – if you know a good builder!

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DIY gravel patio to create the feel of a Mediterranean courtyard, with colourful garden furniture and outdoor rug

My courtyard garden is the perfect size for 2 non-gardeners, but it was so depressing and uninspiring.  When we first moved in 2 years ago it was overgrown and tired, but we’ve completely transformed it with our DIY gravel patio.  

The first step was to call in Henry (my brother, the gardener) for a quick makeover, so we could at least have some patio to sit on.  He trimmed back all the evergreens on the right-hand side and cleared out all the remaining greenery to make the space bigger. So, we had a bigger space, but not much of it usable.

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Contemporary kitchen design with navy blue cupboards and brass handles

We love house tours – who doesn’t want to see into other peoples homes? For all us interior’s geeks it’s a chance to spark up some inspiration for our own homes, from colour, to styling, to practical solutions. Colour is the biggest issue for most of us – what colours make us feel happy and cosseted? Well, Angie, an interiors stylist from the north west of England loves navy blue interiors! The whole house is a homage to blue in its varying tones, with amazing pops of colour and pattern to liven up the mix.

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Today we bring you 10 unusual painted wall ideas with inspirational pics of ways to transform a room in a more affordable way.  I was vaguely aware of this trend for painting shapes on walls to create visual interest, but not being a user of social media, I hadn’t quite realised the fabulous affects you can achieve.  Luckily for us Amelia is in the throes of house renovation and has trawled the web for ideas.

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