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When you’re at school, unless you’re a really cool kid, it often doesn’t pay to be an early adopter of trends. I will never forget a particular non-uniform day at school when I was about 11.  Now let me just say that when you wear a uniform to school, non-uniform day feels like your day of reckoning, your chance to show the world what you’re really about and where you REALLY fit in to the social hierarchy.

I, being the try hard, trendy that I was, wore trousers that had a skirt built-in.  Jollied by my mothers assurances that it was about to become ALL the rage, I trotted into school that day with a smile on my face, confident that this look was about to propel me to seriously new levels of cool (I say new, meaning I was most definitely not cool to start with).  It took all of about 5 seconds on walking into the classroom for me to realise that I had made a grave mistake.

Well, my friends, that was my first lesson in trends.  Unless, you’re already cool, trying to start your own trend, with the hope of it catching on, is simply not going to happen.  You need someone cool (or in the case of the real world, a journo, a blogger, or someone with authority) to catch on to it and then you’ve got a chance at it taking off.

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velvet occasional furniture

Our new AW18 lookbook went out to press a couple of months ago and we’ve been doing lots of teasers on social media to give you sneak peeks of what’s in store. The bulk of the collection will be launching in September and October, but I’m so excited to share with you our truly sumptuous new range of velvet occasional furniture which is now online.

“Seductive, sensuous and oh so glamorous.  Welcome to Audenza’s world of deliciously sumptuous velvet occasional furniture in rich jewel colours to bring excitement and sassiness to any décor.  Teal, burnt orange and claret are the perfect combo to mix and match these style beauties for lasting luxury and opulence.”

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Want a new look for the new season? We’ve put together 3 interior mood board ideas to show how our products can be used in very different schemes for a super stylish home. Also, a sneaky peek look at some of our new AW18 products! Some people have a very defined style that encapsulates their whole house, but I’m a bit of a magpie at acquiring goodies and like different looks for different rooms, in order to give a space the vibe I want. My bedroom is palest pink and gold, which I like for its sense of calm and femininity, my sitting room is dark and moody with lots of splashes of colour and, of course, gold, the garden room (opening onto the garden, obvs), is a green oasis filled with plants and exotic animal touches for a jungle feel. So, whatever your taste try experimenting with different styles for different rooms.

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Ladies and gents, the Amara Interior Blog Awards are back! Annnnd HUGE thank you to those lovely folk who nominated us! If you don’t already know, the Interior Blog Awards celebrates and engages with the most authoritative and respected bloggers in the interior blogging industry. Basically, it’s the Oscars of the interior community.  We have been nominated in the ‘Best Company Blog’ category and we’d be so grateful if you voted for us, plus everyone who votes will also be in with a chance of winning a Leica SOFORT instant camera. 

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Known as the “bionic model,” we are thrilled to introduce you to our next Fabulous and Fearless Woman, meet Rebekah Marine…

Rebekah entered the modelling industry back in 2011 and despite being born without a right forearm and having faced rejection on numerous occasions before her career took off, she continued to chase her dreams. After a friend suggested that she use her myoelectric prosthesis as a fashion “accessory,” it was at that moment that Rebekah realised that she could use her disability to her advantage. Since then she has empowered and inspired others as well as push past boundaries of the mainstream fashion industry. She has modelled for acclaimed designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, walked at New York Fashion Week, featured in a number of reputable publications and has given a motivational talk at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders event.

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Interior design advice- navy blue living room

Want to redesign a room in your home?  Baffled where to start?  Well we have some great interior design advice for you. We asked 5 interior designers their top tips for starting a new room scheme, and there was one main thing they all agreed on, as well as a host of other important things to consider.  So, take some lessons from our 5 pro interior designers and, above all, do what you like and not what you think is on trend or safe!

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5 elements every home should have. Maximalist living room

What makes a house a home that you want to spend time in and feel a sense of belonging to?  It’s not just the colour of the walls and somewhere to sit, it’s all about the personality of your home – a feeling of rightness and a sense of sanctuary that we all need in a busy world.  These 5 elements that every home should have encapsulate this feeling and will help you to make your home a haven for you and yours. Which is what we all want, right?

1. Things that have meaning for you

Be it objects and photos of sentimental value that remind you of friends and family, but also objects that speak to you personally because of what they stand for. I’m a great admirer of Frida Kahlo, not only for her use of colour and pattern in her life and work but for her feminist stance in a male dominated world. Which is why I proudly hang this print in the style of one of Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits in my home.

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Photography set- Eclectic dark navy living room

It’s all systems go at Audenza HQ at the moment, so we thought we’d give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at some of the action over the coming months. Starting with our new photography studio!

So, we have just moved our photography set (posh word that for what is essentially a stage set of two walls) into Audenza HQ – at last. It makes everything so much easier as all of the products are here to photograph, so no moving massive amounts of products to another location. We can even stop for lunch in the middle of working which is an added bonus. As we are not able to make any changes to the fabric of the building (there is also a lot of pipework running up the walls), the whole set had to be made from massive boards of MDF, even the flooring!

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Decorative washi tape for decorating. HARU stuck-on design

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to add a splash of colour or pattern to your décor without the time-consuming hassle of painting or wallpapering? Well, what if we told you that decorative washi tape is now available on a larger scale, suitable for full wall designs? Let us introduce you to HARU stuck-on design. Its philosophy is based on eight colour families that allow for new methods of expression. You can use this adhesive tape on your walls, floors, furniture, or anything else you wish to transform for that matter. It’s made with a specially developed glue which can be easily removed without leaving a trace. There’s endless possibilities to be had and as well as its extensive colour range you can also choose from two pattern families, three different materials and four different widths. To prove to you just how fab HARU stuck-on design is we’ve selected our favourite inventive ways in which it’s been used. Let your creativity run wild!

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tropical patio ideas

What a glorious summer we are having – and long may it continue!  We all want to be able to sit outside and enjoy the warmth and sunshine in our outdoor space, be it a balcony, courtyard or full on acres, so here’s how to jazz up your seating area and make the most of it.  No green fingers required!  Accessories are the key and it’s so easy with an abundance of outdoor goodies to be had, you just need to decide which way you want to go – the same as with your interior décor – dark and moody or vibrant and colourful or maybe rustic and bucolic?  We picked a few of our favourite Instagram gardens to give you some ideas to get you started.  Better be quick though, surely this sunshine is too good to be true?!

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